Till the Corona virus was exported deliberately to the entire world, China went from being an economic giant to the most distrusted country worldwide. Even its very few allies are considered failed states or countries that are exporting terror—North Korea, Pakistan, Iran. China’s other allies are small countries that are in a debt trap with China.

Today, the biggest threat to China is Xi Jinping and the CCP, not America or its allies. Xi and the CCP have single handedly destroyed the image that China had as the only factory of the world with no hegemonic intentions.

A few years ago, I wrote in my TOI Blog, that I could never understand why China was not treated like South Africa during the Apartheid Regime where the entire world refused to do business with South Africa because of its racist policies but looked the other way for China, when we knew the following since 2002:

China was using prison labour to manufacture for the top branded products in the world.

China was harvesting organs of prisoners of conscience at an unbelievable rate and the activists who lived to tell the tale were ignored.

China with its one child policy was aborting women as they were about to give birth. Hilary Clinton gave a stirring speech on this at the UN Woman’s Right Conference in 1995 but yet Bill Clinton gave China an invite to the World Trade Organization, even though every country including America knew that China would not play by the rules of world trade.

China was in the 21 st Century putting people in jail for just praying to the religion they believed in!

China had persecuted the Tibetans for over 50 years and destroyed much of the culture and practices of an ancient Buddhist kingdom.

China stole technology and quite blatantly gave it to countries that exported terror as in Pakistan, North Korea and Iran—all these countries could not have gotten Weapons of Mass Destruction unless China had funded and helped them in ways that are known but for some reason not extensively reported by the mainstream media.

China was able to co opt the mainstream media, the think tanks and universities all over the world. They infiltrated democracies and spread their vile message without ever allowing their own country to have any access to Twitter, You Tube or Google. And the big tech corporations accepted this! They still wanted to be in China for what they could do on China’s terms such as spy on their people or give them advanced technologies not because it made any sense but because they sold their souls for millions of dollars in shares and profits and the top honchos retired as billionaires.

It took 20 years and a deadly virus for the world to recognize this? I say it is corporate greed of developed countries, the Wall Street investment bankers and Walmart and others who were totally hypocritical on human rights while they made big bucks.

As I write this, China is facing its Karma. They have suffered as much from the Virus they exported to the world. They have had floods of biblical proportions and the Three Gorges Dam that was made to prevent flood on the Yangtze River has had to discharge water at a rate never seen before, that has flooded and caused several provinces and cities and its citizens to flee and its industries to close shop.

The rainfall that China receives during their rainy season has exceeded every prediction. As China send their army personnel to help in cities deluged over three months of excessive rains, its leader is threatening India, America and all the nations in the South China sea.

China, it is estimated by reports, has lost 80 million construction and Industry manufacturing jobs since the Coronavirus and floods hit it. It has also according to reports, lost ten million service jobs and ten million of their graduating students have been sent to the villages to help with the flood and other problems. This is just the tip of the Iceberg, as even while this is happening, the Chinese leadership has problems with 18 countries in or neighbouring the South China Sea, including India.

I would think Xi Jinping has bitten off more than he can chew and from inside sources it seems his own party members are having grave doubts.

In the end it will not be the CCP members who topple the CCP but the world combined, as Chinese citizens are suffering, but the CCP has been known to have killed millions in Mao’s regime, as human beings don’t matter.

It is up to the nations of the world to decide and to send a clear and unequivocal message to the countries that have been compromised by China’s debt diplomacy that you can drown with China or we can help you. The problem is that China has bribed many leaders in developing countries to follow their line.

India has been in the forefront in bringing massive economic distress to Chinese companies doing business in India. The world should follow suit and defend India as it has a massive border with China and we need countries not allied with China to give us a clear and unambiguous support from this hegemonic country that has defied every regulation in a rule based international order and that too in the 21 st Century. But China insists they have the rights to countries and seas, that in their subverted history goes back to ancient times and belonged to China. Which is a dubious claim at best.

Unless we unite to defeat China in all ways possible, the planet will see a new world order I shudder to think about. You just have to see what the CCP does to its citizens to know it is not only criminal but should be identified as Crimes Against Humanity.