We all have read the news of a collapsed bridge or a crumbled flyover. It is not rocket science to understand the reasons behind such accidents. More often than not, it is because of the low quality of construction. Sometimes, it may also be due to the overload of traffic. Somewhere, some rules have been compromised. Either during the construction of the bridge or at the time of usage.

I bring your attention to one more bridge which exists in the human mind. The one which connects a person from his/her current reality to the cherished dreams. The ability to walk through this bridge until the dream milestone is also coined as success.

Well, in most of the cases people spend their entire life navigating on this path. Regret happens when the goal is visible on the way, but people run out of necessary fuel to advance further. All this happens for the same reasons, which made the concrete over bridge collapse. Either the strength of this mental bridge is not appropriate, or it has become exhausted because of overuse!

Let me illustrate the six pillars of this invisible mind bridge, which can not only give it strength but also make it sustainable for a long duration. These are

1. Belief –

The first pillar of this unseen bridge is an unquestionable self-belief. A large majority of people do not start their journey only because they lack belief. It is must to be self-confident and aware of the universal powers bestowed on to us.

If this pillar crumbles, there is not much of a scope for the reconstruction of the bridge. It would be wise for a person to step on this journey of dreams with a rock-strong belief!

2. Resilience –

The road to success is never smooth. If you can overcome obstacles on the way, you are really worthy of your goals! Traffic jams, potholes, blocks, abrupt turns, rough weathers are part and parcel of this journey. A traveller has to be prepared to face such eventualities and cross over those. Sometimes one might be required to pause a bit or take a bye lane, come what may, but the engine should not stop. Keep moving with your focus glued in the right direction.
When this pillar bends, the journey becomes unpleasant. So much so that, one gets tempted to surrender. Acceptance is the key to resilience. Be ready to face challenges, and the problems will never deter you.

3. Intuitiveness –

It is said that logic can take you from “a” to “b”, but imagination can take you places.

The road less travelled is the one which leads to a ‘never before’ milestone. To give strength to this pillar, it is mandatory to work on a powerful dream. When the destination is intuitively inspired, it creates abundant energy. For a person, withholding such a motivating goal, obstacles become insignificant, and the travel time becomes joyful.

Practising regular meditation and living a mindful lifestyle are the key sources of intuitiveness. A person who observes these virtues gets to experience peace and pleasure in synchronicity!

4. Decisions and choices —

The unfolding of life as ‘future’ is nothing but the fallout of the choices made by us in our present.

No one can ever be sure of the right decision in any given situation. However, a person driven by values and governed by the instinct of taking calculated risks can always rely on his/her choices.
Decision making is an art. Learn it when you are a kid, and the stakes are not high. It is the responsibility of parent and society to inculcate this ability in children.

This pillar is the centre stone of the powerful mind bridge. Wrong choices can lead to misleading directions. The journey of a thousand miles can convert into that of ten thousand miles if decisions go haywire!

5. Giving Attitude –

Our life begins with the lessons on “acquiring”. We strive for getting knowledge, wealth, property, richness, relations etc. In the zest to accumulate so much of all these, we miss out on the real joys.

Renounce, as much as possible, the attitude of ‘getting’ and nurture the ability of ‘giving’—the joy of giving feeds a person’s self-esteem and also delivers a sense of self-actualization.

When this pillar is compromised, the journey at the end of the bridge becomes stressful and challenging. Many people sitting on piles of wealth can be seen depressed only because this pillar has not been appropriately curated!

6. Eat & Exercise well –

This pillar is the most fragile out of all. The primary fuel for human beings is the food that we eat. When age is in the favourable compartment, youth ignore these aspects grossly. For most of us, the realization to eat well and do proper body maintenance come a bit too late.

Once a very senior doctor said this: “Start taking care of your health when it is in the right shape. Otherwise, you may have to do so as per the prescription of a physician!”