Proud to be labelled a Dictator, President Lukashenko fraudulently won the elections in Belarus, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, which has been suffering the arrogance of the man for years.

He rules by the tagline – ‘Its my way or the Highway’ and this was recently proven to be true when he dismissed his main rival Svetlana Tikhanovskaya… ‘A woman is too weak to run the country because of her gender.’ A woman, who media has compared to the Joan of Arc for her empathy in dealing with people.. A woman who dared to defy him but had to flee to nearby Lithuania overnight.

With tears in her eyes, she recorded or was made to record, we will have no clue. But opposition leader, Tikhanovskaya said in her recent video – “I thought this campaign toughened me a lot but I am still a weak woman as I was in the beginning….. God forbid you may face a choice as I faced!!”

This last line says it all. What were the stakes that made this young dynamic woman with over a 100,000 supporters suddenly flee the Country? She had it in her to give the Belarusians hope and the freedom of speech and in one flash, it all disappeared. Ofcourse, we will never know the real reason for her hasty decision, for perhaps the ones that did are already laying seven feet under.

How does a Nation progress when its people are deprived of free will? Inspite of being paralyzed by a global pandemic, not a hair has fallen out of place for the Beluarus dictator as he took to the streets to ensure harm is done to his anti-supporters. A former diplomat who was imprisoned and tortured for standing upto him says, “He has always been crazy and very brutal. He will do anything to keep power. Anything.”

President Lukashenko, perhaps it is time you say Bella Ciao to Belarus!

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

آموزش سئو