Every moment is a fresh beginning

Ganesh Chaturthi is known for new beginnings.

We start every new project with a lot of hope and ambition. However, sometimes, what you aspire for doesn’t manifest within the timeframe of your wish. We get into new relations as we grow in life. However, not all relationships mature to peaceful coexistence. Some friendships get lost, and a few other get submerged into the mesh of misunderstands.

How we react to all that happens to us in life is a “choice”. Suppose you had to experience suffering because someone did some injustice to you. The person might be your friend, a relation, a professional colleague or someone unknown! Or maybe a person in power misled you by making an inappropriate commitment. You definitely feel sad and bitter at such experiences. You might even find it difficult to forget the incident and the related pain. However, how long you keep dwelling into the phase of that unpleasantness is your decision.

Usually, I ask people how long they can hold a small glass of water in air? It will be enlightening to know that it becomes challenging even for a healthy person to hold that small glass for more than 20 minutes. After some time, the arm starts paining. As time passes, the pain gets worse. In this situation, what is the cause of suffering? Is it the weight of the glass or the persons holding of that glass for long?

Usually, people get caged behind the bars of resentment and revenge. It becomes difficult for them to come out of this jail. As a result, they become all the more bitter and sad. Holding a grudge never made a person strong. Likewise, accepting the fact and forgiving someone never made anyone weak. On the contrary, when you decide to give away with the harsh and negative feelings, you set yourself free.

The cause of all such experiences is the human mind. When the mind gets stuck with one such experience and refuses to break free, it invites a variety of emotional disturbances and even diseases. When your mind gets trapped in the agony of a disturbing event, decision making becomes impaired. The human mind, under the shadow of past injustice, forgets its right to freedom and happiness.

Under such a situation, the best remedy is to be courageous and forgive the doer. Forgiveness is the ability to accept the circumstances and the courage to move ahead with empowerment. When you forgive other people, the intent is to set your mind free from the reminisces of the happening that caused the pain. One should never underestimate the power of forgiveness. When you forgive someone, it does not mean that you approve of his/her behaviour. All that it means is that you have the intention to maintain fruitful mental health. It also means that you are wise enough to refuse the entry of further sufferings in life.

Our life is a series of tiny moments. Every moment is like a drop of water which collectively can transform into a sea! What we make out of these drops, i.e. the destiny depends on how we behave in every such moment! When the mind considers a hurt to be too harsh, it tends to blow out the situation. When an image gets zoomed out of proportion, nothing makes sense! That is when we become confused and make imprudent decisions. It’s like a car driver trying to make sense of the road amid a sand cloud!

When past failures and sufferings haunt you, it’s time to press the pause button. Hold on your emotions and relax. Convince yourself that you have the power to deal with difficult situations in the right spirit. Think twice if you get tempted to take actions which are resentful and/or revengeful. Remember, any decision which might cause a guilt and contempt on retrospection will harm you more than anyone else.

It is vital to live life with the clarity of purpose. What’s your ultimate goal? What is the purpose of your existence? At the end of your life, would you be happy if people coined you as a ‘frustrated soul’? Or will you ever like to be known as a person who was expert in taking revenge? I am sure no one would aspire so.

It’s always the right time to make corrections in our attitude. Every moment is precious, and it streams into the flow of life. If you have been experiencing frustration, hurt, revengefulness, or if you have been jealous of someone or something, why not make a fresh beginning now? Forgive and forget. Make your life peaceful and joyous. Radiating happiness is much better than consuming sufferings.



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