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A Cloud Surge Lifts Amazon, Microsoft and Google’s Results

Google, playing catch-up with Amazon in the cloud, said computing-services sales cushioned the drop in its advertising business in the June quarter.

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Companies are increasingly looking to transform their digital operations during the pandemic by placing bets that promise to boost the cloud-computing businesses of Inc., AMZN 3.59% Microsoft Corp. MSFT -0.14% and Google-parent Alphabet Inc. for years to come.

Posting quarterly results Thursday, No...

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می توانید در کنار ارائه یک beeline برای گرده?

پس از پایان قرن 20 بسیاری از گرده افشان گونه از جمله پروانه پادشاه, اروپایی زنبور عسل و بسیاری از انواع مختلف bumblebees مواجه شده اند یک شیب تند کاهش جمعیت. اما شبکه ای از بزرگراه ادارات و سازمان های دولتی و حفاظت از گروه های در حال برداشتن گام برای ایجاد یک زیستگاه برای آنها را با استفاده از یک منبع که بسیاری از ما پرداخت بسیار کمی ذهن: چمنی نوار از زمین در کنار جاده.

در یک برنامه در کانکتیکات, حمل و نقل, مقامات شناسایی کنار جاده است که می تواند رشد وحشی بدون نما خطر آتش سوزی و یا تهدید به رانندگان ایمنی...

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Some Facebook Ad Boycotters Return—But Plenty of Big Players Are Staying Away

VF Corp.’s North Face said it would resume doing business with Facebook in August.

Photo: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg News

Some advertisers that left Facebook Inc. for July to protest the proliferation of hate speech on its platforms say they are coming back, while the tech giant’s financial outlook suggested the boycott isn’t taking a major financial toll.

VF Corp.’s North Face, arguably the first widely known brand to join the campaign, said it would resume doing business with Facebook in August...

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China-India standoff: India is destined become more glorious 

The ground realities of factual expansionism appears to have come on display when the Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong claimed that both the countries have “disengaged at most of the friction points”, that temperature was coming down and that both the countries now should commit to “friendly cooperation”. Weidong also hoped that both the sides would appreciate the fundamental interests of each other and endeavor to bring the mutual relations back to normalcy. India quickly rebuffed the statement without mincing words and noting that though some progress were made but the disengagement was far from completed and hoped that Chinese side would “complete the disengagement and de-escalation”. This is what has been apprehended by people in know-how of Chinese attitudes. 


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پیروز انتخابات ریاست جمهوری می تواند به تاخیر افتاد اما نه با تهمت


یک تغییر به پست الکترونیکی رای گیری در حال افزایش شانس که آمریکایی ها نمی خواهد می دانم که برنده نوامبر انتخابات ریاست جمهوری در شب انتخابات. اما این بدان معنا نیست که نتایج را ناقص و یا جعلی به عنوان رئیس جمهور دونالد مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن پیشنهاد کرد در روز پنج شنبه.

آقای مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن به دنبال در حال حاضر تضعیف نتایج انتخابات او می تواند از دست دادن خواستار آن شد که برنده Nov. 3 مسابقه شناخته می شود که شب.

“من نمی خواهم به انتظار در اطراف ب...

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Caterpillar Anticipates Extended Sales Hit

Caterpillar said it was well-positioned to weather the crisis, with $8.8 billion of cash and $18.5 billion of available liquidity at the end of its second quarter.

Photo: George Frey/Bloomberg News

The coronavirus crisis is sapping demand for Caterpillar Inc.’s giant machinery from builders and miners around the world.

Caterpillar said Friday that its revenue in the U.S. dropped more than 40% in the second quarter, and that demand from final customers fell around 22%. The company said it expects a similar decline for its third quarter.

“With the uncertainty out there with the economic environment, they are delaying making...

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Is Xi Jinping the most powerful and dangerous man in the world?

A few weeks ago, the Donald Trump administration in the US released a document titled ‘United States Strategic Approach to the People’s Republic of China’.  The document expressed disappointment with the outcome of the engagement between the countries after they established diplomatic relations in 1979. The 16-page document concluded by highlighting that the US recognized the long-term strategic competition between the two systems and its approach in future would be guided by “principled realism”.

The US government said in that future it will continue to engage China’s leaders in a “respectful yet clear-eyed manner”.

One wishes the Indian government had been clear-eyed when engaging China’s President Xi Jinping.

The US remains the most powerful and influential country ...

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Fauci سران کنگره با هشدار: ماندن هوشیار


هیچ پایانی برای این بیماری همه گیر کوروناویروس, Dr. Anthony Fauci و دیگر دولت بالا کارشناسان بهداشت و درمان را بگویید کنگره در روز جمعه.

“در حالی که هنوز معلوم نیست چه مدت این بیماری همه گیر خواهد شد و آخرین COVID-19 فعالیت خواهد شد به احتمال زیاد همچنان برای برخی از زمان” دکتر Fauci همراه با مراکز کنترل و پیشگیری از بیماری سر رابرت Redfield و بهداشت و خدمات انسانی تست تزار Adm. برت Giroir می گویند در آماده شهادت برای یک خانه خاص پنل بررسی همه گیر.

در زمانی که در ا...

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Under Armour, Like Rivals, Hit by Pandemic Store Closures

Under Armour said Friday that revenue fell 41% to $707.6 million in the latest quarter.

Photo: Taylor Glascock/Bloomberg News

Under Armour Inc. UA -7.32% said sales declined significantly in the second quarter because of the coronavirus pandemic but weren’t as bad as the sportswear retailer was expecting.

Chief Executive Patrik Frisk said he was encouraged by momentum in June and July, but the company warned that sales could decline as much as 25% in the second half of the year.

Friday, the company said revenue fell 41% to $707...

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Code of Conduct for South China Sea: Prospects and challenges

Notwithstanding optimism reflected at the 36th ASEAN Summit on 26th June 2020 in the Chairman’s statement that noted the progress of the substantive negotiations towards the early conclusion of an effective and substantive Code of Conduct in the South China Sea (COC) consistent with international law, including the 1982 UNCLOS and welcomed the completion of the first reading of the Single Draft COC Negotiating Text, any hope of early finalisation of the CoC remains a pipe dream.

China and the ASEAN have been holding talks for years to evolve a CoC, a set of regional norms and rules in the South China Sea (SCS) to avoid conflicts in the disputed waters...

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